Pre-Listing HOME Inspection

by Sean on Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Team Broady strongly recommends a pre-listing home inspection to save you time, money and headaches

Obtain a report from a certified building inspector before you list your home. This way you will be aware of any problems that may arise and will be able to either repair these items or declare them to a potential buyer. We will then ensure that interested buyers will have taken these items into consideration when making their offer and there will be no need for re-negotiation, lengthy delays for repair estimates or offers falling through due to inspection issues.

In some instances a building inspector will recommend a further inspection by an expert, such as for a chimney or roof needing repairs, so that an estimate can be given for repairs required. This can then be fully disclosed to a potential buyer. If you decide to make the repairs yourself then you will have the time to call several licensed contractors to bid competitively on the job for the best price and terms.

This strategy has saved many of our past clients thousands of dollars in post inspection re-negotiations and has also resulted in us not losing one sale due to inspection issues.

We will be happy to give you names of reliable, qualified building inspectors. We advise our clients to work with companies who only do inspections, and not the repair work.