by Team Broady on Thursday, March 30, 2023

When you’re searching for a home, it’s important to understand that a key component in calculating the value of your property includes the neighbourhood factor. If you’re buying or moving to a new area, it’s not only essential to know what your new house will be like, but what its surroundings will offer. During the decision-making process, many home buyers quickly learn they may have to compromise on the size and quality of the house they purchase in exchange for it being in a better location. 

If you’re looking to move to a new neighbourhood, you want to make sure that it’s a good fit for your lifestyle, because substantial benefits can be realized simply by living in a “better part of town.” You may be surprised at how much a neighbourhood will affect your quality of life! But how do you know if it’s right for you and your family? Where you choose to live ought to reflect your desired lifestyle. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who likes a lot of space, a condo in a downtown high-rise building is probably not the ideal fit. We've put together a handy list of considerations to help you with that.

* What is the neighbourhood like? How far away are parks, walking and bicycling trails and schools from where you’ll be living? Are there lots of kids around? Is it quiet or noisy?

* What amenities are available? Do they include grocery stores, restaurants, and shops nearby that will make getting essentials easy without having to travel too far?

* What future developments are being planned in the area? How is the infrastructure? Where have home values trended over the last decade or so?

* How old is the neighbourhood? Was the area developed in the 1960s and now features mature trees, larger lots, and predominantly older homes? Or is it a younger neighbourhood consisting of mostly new construction?

Neighbourhoods Near Amenities and Transit

Consider proximity to amenities like stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and parks. Depending on your access to a car, you may feel the need to be within walking distance of a grocery store and public transit. Work from home has completely changed the mindset of many homeowners and their requirements for commuting. 

Neighbourhoods With Good Schools

Schools can be a great indicator of the quality and character of your neighbourhood, so look into the local school systems before you decide where to move. You may want to consider the different options when it comes to French vs. English, or public vs. private. If the school your kids will attend is farther away, be sure to find out where its buses stop. As well, explore what the community offers for extracurricular activities and sports programs for children.

Neighbourhoods With Lots of Green Space

Green space is important for mental health. If you have young children or pets who need to get outside to play, look for neighbourhoods with lots of nearby parks and green spaces. Sidewalks, dog parks and walking and cycling trails all contribute to openness and spacious characteristics that good communities exude. For some, proximity to water is also an important consideration, especially for aquatic sport enthusiasts. Others may prefer a more remote location to call home, where it’s all about space, privacy, and tranquillity.

Neighbourhoods With a Sense of Community, Culture, and History

When you're looking for a new neighbourhood, it may be important to find one with a strong sense of community. When a community cares about itself and others, it doesn't matter if your family is large or small, the right neighbourhood will make everyone feel welcome and at home. Friendly and welcoming neighbourhoods have active residents' associations that organize events like block parties or children's festivals. Certain communities can be popular for cultural reasons… just think of Montreal’s Chinatown, Little Italy, or Gay Village. Religious organizations could be another important factor, and you may look for a home that’s close to your local church, mosque, temple, or synagogue. Many older neighbourhoods have lots of great stories about their early days and even boast of several generations living in the same area. 

At TEAM BROADY, we understand that a home is so much more than the property where you reside. The greater community truly becomes an integral part of our lives. After growing up and serving the West Island real estate community for over 30 years, we can state with confidence and heartfelt gratitude: There are so many beautiful neighbourhoods here! If you are buying or selling a home, please contact us today. We can be reached at 514-613-2988 or by email at