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    Team Broady prides themselves on giving back to the community. It's our pleasure to donate a portion of every commission to the Shelter Foundation, Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention programs. Our clients love that when they work with us, they get to help women and children in crisis too.

    ROYAL LEPAGE SHELTER FOUNDATION - benefiting the west island women's shelter

    By Team Broady

    Because Royal LePage is committed to strengthening the communities where we live and work, it is the only Canadian real estate company with its own charitable foundation. It is Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention programs.

    Every dollar raised goes directly to helping the more than 30,000 women and children who are helped each year by the shelters and support programs we fund. Since 1998, the Shelter Foundation has raised more than $24 million and currently supports 200 local women’s shelters and national partners. Team Broady, together with other Royal LePage agents across the country, donates a portion of their commissions to the Shelter Foundation. Over the years Libby has organized Christmas Auctions and Garage Sale fundraisers with our Royal LePage Elite office in support of our local West Island Women's Shelter. Team Broady also organizes other fundraising activities such as our Pumpkin Giveaway, in aid of our local Shelter. 

    The Machu Picchu Challenge for Shelter

    In August 2015, Libby trekked to the lost city of Machu Picchu in Peru in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and raised funds to help the women & children in need. For eight days, she trekked at high altitudes, slept in a tent, and went without running water, electricity and cell phone service, together with colleagues from Royal LePage offices across Canada raising funds for their local Shelters. It wasn’t easy, but she prepared herself physically and mentally for the challenge for months. Each dollar she raised and every step she took made it easier for women and children to walk safely away from violence.

    Her fundraising goal was to raise $10,000 for the local Shelter, and thanks to all those who so generously sponsored them on this venture, she raised $12,500 for the Shelter Foundation. As a group, nearly $500,000 was raised to help fund shelters across Canada. 


    In July 2017, Mark trekked to Iceland. Together with about 90 other Royal LePage colleagues from across Canada, divided into 3 groups, each hiking 1 day apart, they completed what is known as the Iceland Challenge for Shelter. The goal was to raise money and awareness to help women and children escape domestic violence. He raised over $15,000 for the West Island Women’s Shelter, and the Iceland Challenge collectively raised over $655,000 for shelters across Canada.

    In Mark’s words:
    I started the hike with 29 complete strangers in our group, and by day 5, we were like one big family. It was a spiritual journey for each of us – the time you spend in your own head & heart over a 115 km hike is priceless. It was a chance to see one of the most beautiful, unspoiled, natural landscapes left on this planet. Not a day passed that I didn’t think about the women and children who have to live their lives in fear and danger. No matter how difficult the hike became, I knew it was nothing compared to what some of these families have to endure.

    A night to remember - gala benefiting the alzheimer society of montreal

    By Mark Broady

    My brother Scott and I started  in 2011 because we had experienced first-hand the effects of Alzheimer's disease and dementia - and the unbelievable strain it puts on a family that is going through it. Our father, Max Broady, passed away in August 2016 after a 16-year journey with Alzheimer's disease. He had been diagnosed in 2001 at the age of 58. For a long time, our family felt like we could handle things on our own, and made the mistake of not reaching out and seeking the help that was available to us. We didn't realize that we're not alone.  "Night to Remember" began as a tribute to our dad's suffering from Alzheimer's, and as a way to increase awareness for other families who may be going through similar struggles. 

    That said, A Night to Remember is a party! With over 200 guests in attendance, there is an open bar, oysters, cocktails, performances, a silent auction & raffles, and the best DJs playing the best music all night long. This fun night raises much-needed funds to support the.


    By Mark Broady

    Like most West Islanders, the neighbourhood pool is where we spent our days gathered with our neighbours to enjoy the summer. Sean, Catherine & I have fond memories of moving up in the swimming programme at our local pool when we were kids and Catherine & I worked as lifeguards when we were teenagers. Libby was a volunteer on the executive and also worked at swim meets during those years. That is why supporting our neighbourhood pools and aquatic programms ........... not to mention hosting BBQ's and parties at the pools is so much fun! 

    It's not easy to capture the "ESSENCE OF SUMMER" in the West Island.

    But we believe that life at the outdoor community pools comes pretty darn close.

    The Broadys aren't just a team of real estate agents. We are a family business built on family values, with deep roots in our community.

    We've been involved in outdoor summer pool programs since 1980. From learning to swim in swimming lessons, to joining the swim teams, the diving teams, the water-polo teams, and yes... the synchro teams!

    Our family were members at Windermere Aquatic Club in Beaconsfield for over 13 years, and as teenagers, Catherine and I both went on to become lifeguards at Windermere and Beaconsfield Heights Pools.

    As kids, we spent most of our summers at those pools. The chlorine still pumps through our veins.

    I can honestly say that being involved with the community pools kept me out of a lot of trouble, and granted me the opportunity to work at what is still, to this day, the best job I ever had!

    And that is why Team Broady continues to sponsor our local outdoor pools.

    You might see our banner up on the fence somewhere... or perhaps you've bumped into us at one of the swim meets or family barbecues - playing one of our famous contests, like “Guess How Many Gummy Bears in the Jar?"

    Our greatest reward is knowing that the next generation of kids may find the same joy, discover the same magic, and create some amazing memories of their own that will surely last a lifetime. And with any luck... we just might help a few kids stay out of trouble.

    We hope you enjoy this video shot and edited by Mike Assor from MASS Productions. Mike did an incredible job at capturing the "ESSENCE OF SUMMER" at the West Island community pools - which we are so very proud to be a part of.