Introducing Renée Ouellette

by Team Broady on Wednesday, January 24, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to Team Broady: the talented and enthusiastic Renée Ouellette. As we continue to grow and strive for excellence, Renée brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective that will undoubtedly elevate our team's success to new heights.

Renée entered the industry in 2021 and was able to learn the ropes from her mother, Jane, who has been in the business since 2006. This inspired Renée and sparked within her a keen interest for real estate and a dedication to providing exceptional service to her clients. Known for her strong work ethic and positive attitude, Renée exudes enthusiasm. One of her standout qualities is her passion for building meaningful relationships with her clients. She understands that buying or selling a home is not just a transaction; it's a significant life event. Renée's personalized approach and attention to detail ensure that each client receives the tailored guidance and support they deserve. Her commitment to client satisfaction aligns seamlessly with Team Broady’s mission to provide unparalleled service in the real estate industry.

Renée's energy and innovative mindset are contagious, and we are confident that her presence will inspire and motivate the entire team. Her collaborative spirit and willingness to go the extra mile make her an ideal fit for our close-knit group. We are eager to witness the positive impact she will undoubtedly make on both our team dynamics and our clients’ experience.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Renée initially ventured into broadcasting, later transitioning to sales and marketing, where she honed her relationship management and customer service skills for over 20 years. Renée is optimistic, personable, energetic, and driven by the desire to help her clients achieve their goals.

As a devoted single mother of two, Renée understands the delicate balance of managing parenthood, a busy household, and a bustling career. Her passion lies in helping buyers discover their perfect home, guided by honesty, integrity, determination, and grit. Having been through a divorce, Renée has first-hand experience of the challenges that can come with it and can be a guiding light to anyone going through a divorce or separation.

In her spare time, Renée loves doing activities with her kids, getting outside with her Bernedoodle, Bo, rolling up her sleeves in the kitchen, or planning her next home renovation or design project.

Renée's arrival marks a pivotal moment for our team, and we are enthusiastic about the promise of growth and success that her presence brings. We look forward to achieving new milestones together and continuing to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Welcome, Renée – here's to a future filled with prosperity and accomplishment!