by Team Broady on Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Summers in Quebec are short, hot and humid and as a result homeowners are investing extensively in their backyard “retreats” to maximize their warm-weather experience. This has been all the more true since the start of the pandemic, with investments in landscaping, decks and other outdoor amenities and improvements skyrocketing as people stay closer to home.

The respite of a cool dip in a backyard pool is a refreshing luxury sought by many. Quebecers love their pools so much that they are responsible for over 40% of all installations across Canada each year and they boast more pools per capita than California or Florida. And they're not just for pure relaxation: after all, swimming engages every muscle group and can help develop good posture, alleviate stress and even provide low-impact therapy for some health conditions.

However, with this growth in pool sales, coroners are unfortunately warning that drownings, especially among young children, have risen sharply since the start of the pandemic. In response, the Government of Quebec is now following in the footsteps of other North American cities with new pool safety regulations. Among other rules, the new law stipulates that all residential pools will have to be surrounded by a 1.2 metre-high fence. 

What you need to know

-The good news is spas and hot tubs are not affected by these new rules and the initial deadline of July 1, 2023, for complying with the new pool regulations, has been extended to September 30, 2025. 

-All inground and semi-inground pools must be equipped with a ladder or steps.

-All residential swimming pools must be equipped with a protective fence of at least 1.2 metres in height on all sides.

-The enclosure must have a door that closes and locks automatically.

-In order to prevent children from climbing to gain access to the swimming pool, every device linked to its operation must be installed more than one metre from the pool wall or, as the case may be, the enclosure.

-A wall forming part of an enclosure must not have any opening enabling someone to enter the enclosure.

-A hedge or bushes does not constitute an enclosure.

-Along with these strict rules come threats of hefty fines of up to $700 for a first offence and $1,000 for subsequent infractions. 

Advice and recommendations

We recommend getting started on this renovation project as soon as possible. With the prices of everything rising steeply, so too are the costs of home improvements. Increased demand coupled with strains on the supply chain have pushed the price of a $10,000 fence to $20-$25,000 in the last few years. On the bright side, impressive backyard designs create substantial value in a property and also enhance the quality of life for homeowners. 
We need to make home pools a safe part of our leisure activities and ensure children’s safety. Over half of drownings are of youngsters under the age of 14. Although installing a fence is a good safety precaution, what is most important is that parents make sure their children learn how to swim and never leave them unsupervised. 

The importance of a professional realtor

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