by Team Broady on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Quickly approaching on the calendar is a very special occasion. The event is an important dinner where a spectacular experience is required. Choosing the right restaurant is critical. Which one will offer amazing food and a tenable location for all invitees? Which one will not only suit your tastes and provide an inviting ambiance, but also exceed your expectations? You don’t want a mediocre experience. You want the best. Once the restaurant is chosen and the reservation is made, the only thing remaining is the anticipation of the event to occur... flawlessly. 

Creating a heightened client experience

Because we strive to deliver this type of experience to our clients in real estate, we often use the restaurant analogy when describing our service philosophy. We believe there are many commonalities between the two, and the objective is similar in both cases: to provide the client with the best possible experience in spite of the often chaotic and unpredictable environment. Let’s go back to that restaurant experience…

Upon arrival at the restaurant, the maitre’d escorts you to your table in just the right spot. You’re seated, and you begin to relax and allow the evening to unfold. Once the server presents themselves, you’re quickly reminded why the server is at the forefront of the experience, and an essential component in the outcome of your soirée. The server is the main go-to between the bartender, the line cooks, the head chef, as well as the server’s assistant, the sommelier and the pâtissier. If there are any requests or concerns in any of these restaurant “jurisdictions”, it is the server who will be the one creating solutions on your behalf. 

If the standard is to be great rather than just average, then the server must take advantage of every opportunity to go above and beyond your basic needs. Their actions need to appear effortless and executed with precision. The requisite mindset for the server must entail a strong desire to anticipate your needs, by creating and maintaining an experience which leaves you never wanting or waiting for anything. Having the foresight to meet your needs before you have to ask, or before you lose patience, is essential in providing great service. 

When you work with Team Broady in real estate, you will always be matched with one broker from our team who will act as your “server” or your main point of contact. The other team members all play complementary roles which contribute to delivering a remarkable experience. 

It's all in the details

By refining every detail of the dining experience, the server moves closer to impressing you with all the elements that comprise a memorable evening. This begins with the first point of contact to the last exchange at the end of your night. It is almost as though the stellar service is unfolding like an impressive theatrical production in action. All of the “actors” are in perfect synchronicity and the performance appears easy and flawless. Once the server has developed some trust through the consistent delivery of each step of service, you let go of all your worries, as everything is happening in perfect harmony.

Successful restaurants monitor the smallest of details whether it’s removing the butter from the refrigerator so it reaches room temperature, or ensuring that the glassware is polished to a sparkle. By working together, a diligent team will create a greater overall dining experience for guests. Whether it is the proprietor of the restaurant, the server, or the dishwasher, the contribution of every individual becomes an integral component of the restaurant lending themselves to satisfied customers, and a shining reputation.

The real estate broker as a service specialist   

Much like a restaurant server, a real estate broker must also direct many individuals and navigate countless details to create an exceptional experience for their clients. However, with real estate, the stakes go far beyond a singular night out. The process of guiding people through a home sale / acquisition is substantially more complex, and the need for a positive outcome, all the more necessary. A house is not only a large investment, it also meets the basic human need for shelter and perhaps most importantly, comprises the many intangible elements which create a home. 

The role played by an experienced realtor with an advanced service philosophy is that a whole group of people help the transaction move forward, and contribute towards a positive experience, but only one person is responsible for the overall outcome. Some abilities are innate, however impeccable service and the ability to foresee a clients’ needs before they are required can only be developed through years of practice, and by facilitating countless real estate transactions.

At TEAM BROADY, we are proud to have decades of experience in the real estate business, and we always strive to create a heightened, remarkable experience for our clients and friends. We can be reached at 514-613-2988 or by email at info@teambroady.ca.