by TEAM BROADY on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Our backyards have always been a place where we get away to kick back and hang out. Sometimes this “escape” is just a tiny bit of quiet personal time… a small luxury. But often backyard gatherings bring together family, friends, as well as neighbours and other members of our extended communities.
Since the pandemic struck and society demanded serious shifts in our behaviours, “where” we spend our time has become all the more relevant. Staying close to the homefront because of a work-from-home routine, or even due to government recommended quarantines, we are spending an ever-increasing amount of time chez nous. 

Maximizing your space

The best way to enjoy the benefits of your home is to enhance your existing space. One of your biggest “rooms” is your backyard. For most people it has always been about getting away from the daily grind and creating a serene oasis. It begins with prioritizing your backyard projects. Is it to create a safe haven for your children to play? Is there a much-needed deck replacement that requires your immediate attention? Is it time for a swimming pool for a “vacation” on hot days? Or, perhaps even a horseshoe pit, mini-putt course or another lawn game that draws your interest? Imagine that patch of yard where the grass “just won’t grow” being replaced by a games area or strategic landscaping. An often overlooked way to maximize your space is simply to cut back overgrown trees or bushes in order to open up areas to make them usable. 

Backyard ideas for everyone

Patio furniture, tables and chairs can convert a simple piece of lawn into an entertainment area. Throw in some cool lighting, a decent sound system and you have a serious party zone. A great direction to begin creating your backyard abode is the “inside-outside” concept, where you bring some of the accoutrements from inside living to the outdoors. Carpets, candles, entertainment systems and appealing decor will make your backyard all the more inviting. Although a barbecue and eating area is usually enough to host a great party, trends are moving towards more elaborate food preparation options: pizza ovens, fondue sets, fryers and more. A plus: indulging in foods outdoors that may be overly smoky or odorous for indoor enjoyment create unique dining possibilities. 
Planting a garden to grow your own fruit and vegetables can be a relaxing hobby that creates enough bounty to supplement your grocery list. Some families are practically “living off the fat of the land” with their extensive gardens and greenhouses. Or you may be inclined to simply plant a few flowers to brighten up and bring beautiful, florid colours to your yard. 
Wouldn’t a hot tub be an amazing complement to that pool, or vice-versa? If budget and space allow, a golf hole can provide terrific entertainment. If a chipping hole is too grandiose for your backyard, perhaps starting with a simple putting green could benefit your lifestyle.

Privacy, privacy, privacy

If there is anything that lends to a more Zen experience it is the simple art of creating more privacy. Some people are fortunate enough to have a wonderful backyard with all the amenities yet legitimately complain that “the neighbours are right on top of us.” Fences, strategically positioned lattices, privacy screens and umbrellas can work wonders for removing lines of sight with the neighbours. But as important as it is to keep curious eyeballs from our backyard spaces, it is peace and quiet that contribute to true enjoyment of the bliss of our backyard retreats. Many people consider not wanting to hear their neighbours as important, but what may be just as important these days is the neighbours not hearing you. If you are in close proximity to your neighbours, a water feature can create a wonderful white noise that adds a pleasant acoustic interference which can both be soothing to your ear while reducing the possibilities of eavesdropping from either side of the fence. 

Best return on your investment
Strategic renovations can significantly increase the value of your property. Projects that are planned and developed over the long term can be done by yourself at a comfortable pace and more economically, perhaps even completed as a group project with friends and family to make the improvements truly feel personalized. At TEAM BROADY we know ways to create value in your home through strategic renovations and we also know how backyard developments can increase the value of your home. Do not hesitate to contact us today! We can be reached at 514-613-2988 or by email at