Three Reasons Team Broady WANTS You To Bother Them

by Team Broady on Monday, February 13, 2017
We hear this all the time…“I wish I had called you before. But I just didn’t want to bother you. I know you’re busy…” after it is too late.

There are times when you might feel like you shouldn’t “bother” us. Maybe you’re truly trying to be considerate. Let’s go over a few examples of when you should “bother” us. Because it really isn’t a bother!

1. You just want to check out a house.

You see a house online, or a For Sale sign. Maybe you have no desire at all to move, and you’re just curious and want to take a peek.

So, you don’t want to “bother” us to show you the house. Instead, you call the listing agent.

Next thing you know, you love the house and want to make an offer. And that’s when you call Team Broady.

Too late. At that point, the agent with whom you visited the property (even if you explain that you have your own agent) will be considered “the effective cause of sale” and will be entitled to the buyer-agent’s commission. As innocent as it seems, when you just want to go see a house without calling us, you are inadvertently making our involvement in the transaction very complicated.

You’re better off calling Team Broady to show you the house in the first place. You won’t be considered a bother.

2. You want to know how much your home is worth.

Maybe you’re just curious about how much your home is worth. Perhaps after seeing a neighbour’s home sell, receiving your municipal evaluation, or a bank appraisal, you feel fairly confident that you know the value of your home.

So, why “bother” us about this?

Team Broady knows all too well that the market value of your home requires an on-site visit, as well as in-depth knowledge of your neighbourhood’s real estate market.

If you base your hopes, dreams, and decisions on an inaccurate value, that can hurt you quite a bit. Again, asking us to do an analysis of your home’s market value (always complimentary) is not a bother. In fact, we recommend that this be done regularly as part of your investment portfolio review.

3. You are considering a home improvement project.

Once you have a sense of the proposed cost of a project, before you just pull the trigger and move forward, you really should “bother” us for our input.

Putting on an addition? That will surely increase the value. A kitchen or bathroom remodel? Yep, your house will be worth more. But will the value increase by more than the amount you spent? Will the choices you make in decor, layout, or finishings appeal to a buyer down the road?

We can help you make informed decisions before you spend the money and go through the headaches of a huge project.

Team Broady doesn’t want to break the news to you that your home is only worth $35,000 more after you spent $60,000. Where’s the joy in that?

Reach out to Team Broady before you do anything real estate related, and remember: It isn’t a “bother”!