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by Team Broaady on Friday, January 28, 2022

As you know, we try to consistently send out relevant and valuable content to our clients and friends. The articles we write often read more like stories, as we believe that good marketing goes hand-in-hand with good storytelling. In the beginning, we wrote these stories as a way to educate our clients about real estate related topics and to establish a connection with our audience. For us, that was reward enough. However, we’ve discovered along the way that what we enjoy the most is the interaction and engagement with our readers. 

We never expected to receive so many responses from our audience, and we’ve been blown away by their reactions. On the one hand, we have loyal readers who have become fans; on the other, we’ve had a handful of critics. 

Here are a couple of short excerpts from emails we’ve received from some of our fans after reading our weekly articles… 

“I so enjoyed reading your latest article and appreciated your honesty and transparency.” 

“BRAVO Team Broady. What an inspirational story! I always wonder how you will come up with another entertaining article, well…you did it again!” 

“Your articles are always interesting and informative. I love reading them!” 

It’s hard to stay humble when we’re receiving positive feedback like this… but at the same time, we know how important it is to understand that you can’t please everyone. 

A great example of some constructive criticism we received came from one of our readers in Pointe-Claire. This was his email to us… 

“Subject line: Good grief, get an editor! 

“Guys, if you’re gonna send out a marketing piece on real estate, it’s important that you get your stuff right. 

“It’s ‘Northview,’ not ‘North View,’ ‘Bob Birnie,’ not ‘Bernie,’ ‘École Primaire’ not ‘Premiere’… 

“I’ll stop there. I’m a former writer and editor for the Montreal Star, Gazette and Canadian Press, among others. This is not a pitch for editing work. I’m 71 and kind of retired. I’m just saying, this stuff is IMPORTANT! Your credibility is at stake. 

“Regards, Mark Daly” 

At first we felt a little taken aback by his email, not to mention embarrassed. However, he was absolutely right! So after digesting his feedback, we responded graciously to Mark, thanking him, and agreeing with everything he had to say. It was a humbling experience. 

The following week, after we finished writing our next article, we decided to pick up the phone and call Mark to ask him if he would consider editing our next feature, and if so, how much he would charge. His response was a definite yes! He said he would love to help us out and refused any form of compensation. Mark has now become a valued member of the team. He voluntarily edits every single one of our articles and we are extremely lucky to have someone with his credentials in our corner. 

So please don’t be shy! We would absolutely love to hear from you, as we always value your feedback and look forward to engaging with our readers.