Introducing Walton Homes in Pointe-Claire

by Team Broady on Wednesday, December 9, 2020
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Not even six months after it was announced, Pointe Claire’s new development consisting of 12 detached residential homes has already attracted a lot of interest with 5 of the 12 homes already sold! 

Claudia Oliveira, one of the buyers, who works for the Government of Canada, has been living in Gatineau for the past 11 years but recently wanted to move back to Montreal. She said, “we’ve had our eye on the market for some time and thought this was a really unique opportunity. We didn’t see many opportunities for single-family homes like this on the island especially in an established neighbourhood like Pointe Claire.” 

New developments come with many perks, including warranties, more energy-efficient builds, and no significant repairs needed for years to come. But Oliveira was also enticed by the neighbourhood itself. “It’s so accessible,” she acknowledged, “you have access to amenities, stores, and public transit. Plus we’re close to services like the public pool and Terracotta Park, which is a gem in the West Island.” 

Mondev Construction property developers, the company behind the project, have chosen to build their new development on land that used to be home to the Walton strip mall and the iconic Athens Pizzeria. These new single-family homes will be located on Walton Avenue, between Hastings and Spartan Crescent, in the Lakeside Heights area. Although the plans had called for 24 townhouses, the project was transformed into 12 single-family homes and a new park built on the equivalent of two lots. Prices range from $950,000 to $1,100,000. Each home features four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and range in size from 3,179 to 3,651 square feet spanning three levels. The homes will be ready by October 2021. Sales are being taken care of by Mark, Catherine, and Libby Broady, from Team Broady at Royal Lepage ( 

Each Walton home boasts large windows that will let in natural sunlight and showcase the high-quality finishes. The expansive family room, multiple bedrooms, and finished basement pair modern style with functionality. The properties’ aesthetic is perfectly integrated into the surrounding neighbourhood, conveniently located near the TransCanada highway, Fairview shopping center, and numerous schools and parks. 

What’s more, each home is designed with an integrated home office. As Mark Broady highlights, “Clearly, that is something which has become more popular during current times and will remain so in the future.” 

So it’s no surprise that phones were “ringing off the hook the moment the project was launched in July,” according to Broady. He added that the team had been pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest from prospective buyers. Currently, there is no model home to show buyers, but Broady and his team have shared floor plans, explained the layout and discussed options for upgrades and customizations with prospective buyers who are enthusiastic to purchase.

Broady says, “The homes are very well designed, and that is coming from a real estate point of view. There is also an attraction for single-family homes where you have much more of your own space compared to semi-detached. This is simply the right product at the right time!” With over twenty years of experience, Mondev is one of the most respected and active real estate developers in the Greater Montreal area. 

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