The story of 372 Arlington

by Mark and Patty on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

After over a decade of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we began thinking about the long term and where we want to raise our kids. While the West Coast weather and wine country have their allure, we both grew up in the West Island and wanted to be close to our family and our friends. 

It only took one drive through the Sherwood neighbourhood for us to know where we wanted to live. Some parts of the community seem almost out of a fairy tale with tall mature trees and well manicured properties and homes. The abundance of green space, schools, parks and proximity to public transport and Saint-Charles made it obvious this neighborhood would suit our family for decades. 

The first time we visited 372 Arlington, we immediately fell in love with the overall living space, the huge kitchen with eat-in countertop (perfect for the kids!) and the large in-ground pool. This place has a killer backyard! 
We spent a lot of time visiting different properties, but this house was the perfect mix of location, square footage, up to-date finishes and subtle opportunities to improve and customize it to our tastes. Also, our parents loved it! 
Since we moved in, we’ve grown to appreciate the truly important features of this home. The close proximity to friends, family, schools, and little conveniences like shopping, restaurants, gyms and public transport. 

And of course there have been all these little “bonuses” that we’ve discovered along the way. Places like Angell Woods for nice long walks, or the number of young families and small kids in the neighbourhood. Our neighbours on all sides are amazing. It really is a close-knit and vibrant community. 

We've done a lot of remodelling since we purchased the home, putting in an office and home theatre in the basement, a new laundry room and a new bathroom for the kids. We invested in some professional gardening services and had the Japanese maple in front of the house pruned, which looks great. We put some swings up for the kids on the giant maple tree in the front yard, which helps give the house that "happy home" feeling we always wanted.

We’re going to miss the basement movie nights, the summer pool parties, and of course our wonderful neighbours. Luckily we aren’t moving too far away - mainly because we love the area so much! 

This house made our landing back in Montreal much softer and gentler than we ever could have hoped after a decade of living abroad. We hope the next family that moves in finds as much love, warmth and kindness as we tried to foster while at 372 Arlington.