The Story of 48 Prince Edward

by Steven and Teresa on Saturday, March 13, 2021
That Vintage Vibe

I always wanted a house that was filled with music. 

My wish came true when, a few years after we moved into 48 Prince Edward, my husband opened a home business to repair tube amplifiers. As the reputation of Ampli-Tubes grew, it brought a who’s who of Montreal blues musicians to the house to have their amps expertly fixed. And, oh, how the house rocked when they plugged in their guitars to test the tone on those amps. Was it loud? You bet it was! But the licks were amazing and there was no cover charge!
The house was also filled with music from instruments played by the whole family, including our two sons. And what a choice we had! Two pianos – one acoustic, one electric Fender Rhodes – a vintage acoustic base that belonged to my late father-in-law who was a jazz musician in Quebec City in the 1950s, five electric guitars, two acoustic guitars – a six string and a 12-string - two banjos and dozens of harmonicas. Oh, and did I mention that my husband is also a blues harmonica player?


Over the years we've found great joy in renovating and improving the home. The family room extension was a major undertaking, but the extra living space it provided has proven to be well worth the investment. 
We absolutely love our neighbourhood. We are surrounded by the local library, daycare, schools, Valois swimming pool and Valois Splash pad. The cherry on top of our sweet little spot is that we are steps away from the walking trails in the forests of Terra Cotta woods. A Nature reserve with maintained trails and footbridges over little streams.


Now that we are moving on, my wish to the family who is making this house their home is - may you always be in tune with one another, may you live in perfect harmony and may the vibes that still inhabit the house fill your hearts with song.

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