by Jennifer Tinker on Thursday, June 20, 2019

It was 1971 and we were living in an upper duplex in Ville St-Laurent with three small boys and we needed more space. We started looking for homes in the West Island and especially in Beacon Hill, as we had friends who lived there. We visited many homes and when we walked into 119 Beacon Hill Rd. We knew right away that this was the home for us.

It had the space we needed and then some. With five bedrooms, each of my sons had his own bedroom and there was even one left over for my husband to have an office. We loved the big backyard with plenty of space for the boys to play. 

After moving in, we quickly discovered all the amenities that Beacon Hill had to offer. The park, within walking distance, became somewhere we frequented often. We joined the community pool where we spent many summer days and I volunteered at the local pre-school. At all these places I met many new, wonderful people.

All three of my boys eventually went to Beacon Hill Elementary where they were able to walk to school across the park as I watched them on their way. They also made long lasting friendships.

As the boys grew older we added the pool in the backyard and finished the basement with a large family room and added a pool table and sound system. With these additions our home became the “go to” place for all their friends. We have always loved our backyard oasis and I cherish the memories of all the family gatherings and parties we’ve hosted here over the years.

After the first of my sons moved out, we converted the 5th bedroom to enlarge the bathroom, as we now only needed 4 bedrooms.

My husband recently passed away and now the house is too big for just me, and it is time for me to move on. I hope that the buyer of my home will be a young family just like we were, who will love this home and the Beacon Hill community as much as we did.