by Christiane Cardinal on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I had been looking at homes in Pte. Claire for at least a month, as I wanted to move nearer to my parents who were getting older. I was beginning to feel somewhat discouraged at not finding anything suitable for me and my 3 children when my agent announced to me one day that she thought she had found a home that would suit me. So it was full of hope that I quickly went to meet her to see this house.

 When I turned into Val Soleil I was surprised to see rows of townhouses without much individuality and when I saw the exterior of the house she wanted to show me, I was not overly impressed. I felt like I did not even want to bother seeing the inside. But my agent insisted since we were already there and had an appointment booked. She told me we could leave quickly if I did not like it. But the moment I stepped inside the door of this house my heart skip a beat! I was blown away by the brightness and the warmth that this house generated.

I soon discovered the other great features of this house - still with butterflies in my stomach.....I had at last found MY house. I saw the bedrooms that my children each chose as their own, the open mezzanine area that we could use to watch TV, the large finished basement, the garage, and all the other possibilities that I could envision in this house.

I was so happy that that same evening I made an offer, and a few days later the house was to be mine. It was more than I could have ever hoped for.

When we moved into this house on Val Soleil I soon realized that there was a huge park at the bottom of the cul-de-sac, and there was a community swimming pool where we spent many wonderful summer days. My children loved it. 

It did not take long for us to meet our neighbours who have always been truly welcoming towards all members of my family. I immediately felt safe in this house with all these neighbours who watch over each other. This really warmed my heart. 

I also discovered the joys of walking to Pointe Claire Village with all of it's charm and amenities plus having such easy access to the highway. 

I now have 20 years of wonderful memories in this house. The Christmases, the birthdays, the surprise parties and the neighbourhood street parties. The time has passed by quickly and I do not have a single day of regret.

I hope that the next owner of this house will enjoy and cherish it as much as I have.